Asja Tonc


junior researcher

Institute of Archaeology

Ljudevita Gaja 32, 10 000 Zagreb(Croatia)

Titre universitaire : dipl. (=Master) Archaeology – Italian language and letterature

Mail :,

Thème de recherche : Protohistoric communities in the northern part of the east Adriatic coast and its hinterland

Résumé :

From 2009 employed as junior researcher at the Institute of Archaeology, on the project  project „Development and mobility of protohistoric communities in continental Croatia“ supervised by dr. sc. Marko Dizdar.  Participated and/or supervised numerous excavations from all time periods (including Zvonimirovo, Kaptol-Gradci, Ilok, Sv. Trojica-Tribanj).

Currently working on the doctoral thesis that deals with the last phase of development of the protohistoric societies of the Eastern Adriatic and hinterland, i.e. the cultural development of the Liburni, Iapodes and Colapians between 4th cent. BC until the end of the Augustan age. General research topics include the Romanisation process, Celtic and other neighbouring influences and trade contacts, imports of metal (fibulae, bronze ware…) and ceramic finds.

Mots-clefs : Liburni, Iapodes, Colapians, Siscia, autochthonous societies, East Adriatic

Bibliographie : full list

1. Novi osvrt na Aco pehar iz Osijeka (A new discussion about the Aco cup from Osijek ) (with S. Filipović). Vjesnik Arheološkog muzeja u Zagrebu XLIII (2010), 503-518.

2. Finds of fibulae from 1st cent. BC in Croatia: Trade and exchange between Eastern Alps, Danube and North Adriatic Region before and during the Roman conquest (with M. Dizdar), in: Verwandte in der Fremde? – Relations Abroad: Brooches and Other Elements of Dress as Sources for Reconstructing Interregional Movement and Group Boundaries, proceedings conference Innsbruck 27-29.04.2011 (in preparation).

3. Silver pendants with Anthropomorphic Representations on the Territory of the Eastern Adriatic Protohistoric Societies, in: Masken der Vorzeit in Europa (II) (Akten Kolloquium Halle 2010), Tagungen des Landesmuseums für Vorgeschichte Halle Band 7, Halle 2012, 1-8 (in print).

4. Keramički importi u Liburniji (Ceramic imports in Liburnia), in: 1st Internat. Colloquium „Roman ceramic and glass workshops: Production and trade in the Adriatic region (atti convegno Crikvenica, 23-24. 10. 2008.)“, Crikvenica 2011, 315-318 (poster).

5. Sisak and the Una valley between Pannonia and the Adriatic, presentation at doctoral seminar „La romanisation des Gaules et des Germanies“, EEPB Bibracte, 4-12.05. 2009. Mainz (Germany)

Raphaël Golosetti

Professeur contractuel Université de Lille 3

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